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“Once again your website has helped to find us new employees within the German community. Within one week after posting our job opening we were able to fill this position. The website helps us to target a special group without having to go through media which is approaching a much broader target group.”

Dennis Wagner, President & CEO of BESTAR, LLC


“We have used the GACC Jobposting Service a few times now. Their website proves to be a great link into the German speaking community and is a valuable resource when we need to reach a specific audience. Unlike the larger media options out there, when we post with the GACC, we know that we are not going to be inundated with countless resumes from candidates who do not possess some of the core skills that we need. Though the candidate pool that we get through the GACC is smaller, we know when we post the ad that each respondent is going to be a good, qualified candidate.”

Audrey Gianaris, Rödl Langford de Kock LLP

Looking For Qualified Employees?

The GACC South is the primary contact for professionals and executives with work experience in Germany and/or the United States. We will coordinate your search and pre-selection process for the most suitable professionals and we will support you throughout the entire selection process.

Our services include:

  • Collaboration in creating an effective job description by performing a focused analysis of the work environment
  • Pre-selection of candidates by reviewing application documents, conducting potential analyses, and interviews
  • A compilation of detailed profiles on the candidates based on the pre-selection process
  • Coordination of schedules/logistics for the second and personal job interviews
  • Consultation services on issues involving salaries, commissions, bonus payments, etc.

Basic Job Posting:
As an alternative to our recruitment service, we offer the option of posting a job description with your contact information on our GACC Talent Network job board at a rate of $375 per month. Interested candidates will then contact you directly, bypassing the pre-screening process offered by our recruitment service.



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Coordinator, Career Services

German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern U.S., Inc.

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