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Leading Global Supplier of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) to exhibit at International Trade Show


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KRAIBURG TPE has announced its fourth consecutive participation at the 2017 Plastimagen, Mexico trade show taking place from November 7-10 in Mexico City, Mexico - Booth #2545.

The company will utilize the event as a vehicle to exhibit its customer-oriented solutions and the full range of expertise and services they offer in the Thermoplastic Elastomers Industry. This year’s 21th International Plastics Exhibition and Conference represents the largest event for the plastics industry in Mexico and Latin America. Exhibitors and attendees will be introduced to the latest technology in machinery, equipment, raw materials, molds and tooling, instrumentation and process control, as well as developments in end-use industries such as packaging, automotive, electronics, and consumer goods.  

“We are very eager to showcase our new developments that are direct solutions to common material issues across all markets and industries. We will also demonstrate all the growth KRAIBURG TPE Mexico has experienced over the last years and how our TPE products continue to adapt to customer requirements. This trade show has become an instrumental part of our growing presence in Latin America,” asserted Alberto Oba, who oversees business in Mexico and Central America.

At the show, KRAIBURG TPE will feature its established broad product TPE offering including THERMOLAST® K, THERMOLAST® A,

THERMOLAST® V, HIPEX®, COPEC® and For Tec E® compounds, which can be processed via injection molding, extrusion, or blow molding. These compounds have versatile use across the four main markets that they supply into: consumer, medical, industry and automotive.

This year, KRAIBURG TPE is excited to present their new additions to the THERMOLAST® K family – the EPDM – Adhesion series (AD/EPDM/UV) and the Consumer – Adhesion (VS/AD/HM) series. The EPDM – Adhesion series is targeted towards automotive exterior components as a material solution for applications requiring high UV and weather resistance and optimal adhesion to rubber. With the new AD/EPDM/UV series, customers benefit from low processing temperatures that guarantee short cycle times and don’t interfere with the flock coating process. Further advantages include long-term process stability and ideal initial adhesion, which is needed for the forced ejection of parts. When exposed to heat or UV radiation, the EPDM – Adhesion series compounds do not show any oil bleed-out or stickiness, and provide impressive color stability. Typical applications include corner molding, door sills, glass run channels and window encapsulations.

For customers in the consumer electronic sector KRAIBURG TPE will introduce its Consumer – Adhesion (VS/AD/HM) series. The compounds feature superior scratch and abrasion resistance, beneficial processing properties and strong resistance against typical chemicals that are tested in the field of consumer electronics. Example applications include controllers for games consoles, remote controls, headphones, toys, protective covers for mobile phones, tablets, and cosmetics packaging.    

KRAIBURG TPE looks forward to seeing everyone at the fair to solidify its relationship with their customers and harvest new ones as well as keeping abreast of the latest market trends in the plastics industry in Mexico and Latin America. 

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