Past Events
04/27/2018 - Houston, TX

Career Booster Germany

Promote your company to students with German language knowledge [more]

04/24/2018 - Houston, TX

German American Business Dialogue

Tax Reform 2018 [more]

04/24/2018 - Hannover, Germany

Digital Oil and Gas

4th Networking Event for the Oil and Gas Industry

04/19/2018 - Houston, TX

Visit to the Port of Houston

BVL Supply Chain Day at the largest container port in the US Gulf [more]

04/19/2018 - Atlanta, GA

How to Crack People’s BANKcode and Unlock the Secret to Why They Buy

This introduction to BANK and the methodology of its personality profiling system will show you how you can establish better business relationships,... [more]

04/19/2018 - Dallas, TX

Artificial Intelligence Presentation by Blu Age

AIdapt: Disrupt Or Be Disrupted, Presented by Stéphane Mallard, Digital Evangelist Blu Age Corporation

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Past Events