The GACC South organizes delegation trips to the U.S. (inbound) and to Germany (outbound). Delegation trips offer German and American companies the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the respective target market and to make initial business contacts. Locally, the GACC South conducts briefings, informational events and network events. Political appointments are organized in close cooperation with the embassies and consulates. During plant visits you will learn about production conditions and work processes up close. 

Your advantages of a GACC South delegation trip:

  • Organizational, linguistic and cultural support
  • Arrangement of individual appointments and political discussions
  • Organization of company visits and visits to production sites
  • Networking with players and mulitpliers

Delegations to the U.S. are an important means for Germany to promote foreign trade and investment, acquire and industry knowledge, and facilitate bilateral business relationships. Often, state level representatives such as members of the Ministry of Economics, local Chambers of Industry and Commerce or German cities initiate these delegation trips. 

With the support of high-ranking politicians, the purpose of these trips is to connect German companies with decision makers in politics and industry and enable them to meet new business partners. For many years, the GACC South has successfully organized and completed a number of delegation trips. 

Upcoming Delegations

to Germany:

will be announced shortly... 

to the U.S.:

will be announced shortly... 

Past Delegations

Business Delegation from Rhineland-Palatinate

May 6-9, 2015 | Austin, TX & San Antonio, TX 

Business Delegation from Lower-Saxony

April 19-25, 2015 | Washington DC; Chattanooga, TN & Atlanta, GA  

Business Delegation from Bavaria, Aerospace and Automotive

May 31 - June 6, 2014 | Atlanta, GA; Savannah, GA & Mobile, AL  



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