Lufthansa chooses Goodrich to retrofit runway turnoff lights on German airline's fleet of Airbus A320 passenger jets

04/11/2012 GACC South News, Global AHK News, Global DEint News

Aircraft operations experts at German air carrier Lufthansa in Cologne, Germany, needed LED-based taxi and runway-turnoff lights for their fleet of Airbus A319, A320, and A321 passenger jetliners. They found their solution from the Goodrich Corp. Interiors Cabin and Lighting Systems business unit in Charlotte, N.C.

Lufthansa awarded Goodrich (NYSE: GR) an aircraft lighting contract to retrofit LED runway turnoff lights on Lufthansa's fleet of A320 family aircraft to improve illumination and reliability, as well as reduce Lufthansa's operating costs. The Goodrich LED landing lights are brighter and cost less to operate than the Lufthansa A320 family current LED lights, Goodrich officials say.

Unlike commercial aviation landing lights, which illuminate the runway with a very narrow light beam during landing and takeoff, runway turnoff lights illuminate the taxi ways with a wide beam enabling the pilots to turn the airplane left or right.

Goodrich technicians will integrate the new LED landing lights on the A320 family aircraft nose landing gear in two locations. The lights install in 15 minutes or less, Goodrich officials say. Goodrich will do the work at the company's Lighting Systems facility in Lippstadt, Germany.

The new lights are no-touch, maintenance-free product, and are mechanically and electronically interchangeable with the Lufthansa A320 family's existing lights. "During the extensive field trials, pilots reported that they can see better with these lights," says Brian Sartain, vice president of the Goodrich Interiors Cabin and Lighting Systems business.

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