The First Executive Business Leaders Meeting

02.06.17 GACC South Atlanta - News-Hauptkategorie, GACC South News

The GACC South organized the first Executive Business Leaders Meeting hosted by Daimler Trucks North America in Cleveland, North Carolina.

Around 30 Senior Executives of the bigger German American business community gathered at Daimler Trucks North America’s Cleveland Plant to explore opportunities to better align the business needs in the Charlotte Metropolitan area and to discuss how to effectively communicate among the political and economic leaders in Charlotte to help the area to further develop.

New Director of the North Carolina Chapter at the GACC South and General Manager at DTNA’s Cleveland Plant, Dr. Henning Bruns hosted the event at the Heavy Duty Truck Production Plant. The idea was initiated together with the existing German American Business Roundtable, a group of German Executives lead by Reinhard von Hennigs, Managing Partner, BridgehouseLaw LLP. Bruns draws from his own experience while leading the Detroit Diesel production facility in Michigan where he established a group of 70 business leaders that have been meeting on a monthly basis since 2007 until today. “These regular meetings provided an excellent opportunity for peer-to-peer exchange that I would like to establish in Charlotte, too”, says Bruns.

Focus of the meeting was a lively discussion on how the GACC South can help the business leaders to connect better in the future and it ended with a comprehensive tour through the DTNA production facility. The GACC South will continue this event format that provides a mix of high-level speakers, plant tours, and networking opportunities to the business leaders. This new event format will supports the GACC South’s mission for the Carolinas to become more relevant in the region and to provide a valuable platform for exchange on all levels, especially among the C-Level that has not been specifically targeted until now.

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