Punker announces new location in Hickory, North Carolina

30.11.11 GACC South News, Global AHK News, Global DEint News

German company will invest $4.2 million and create more than 56 jobs

Punker is locating its new production site in Hickory, North Carolina.  Over the next five years, the German company will invest $4.2 million in the project and expects to create more than 56 jobs.

“We are looking forward to establishing our U.S. production facility in Hickory, North Carolina. The location is very pleasant and close to our customers.  The county representatives did a great job presenting the information and showing us around the city.  We are glad to have worked with them.  The GACC South impressed us with their professionalism and attention to our needs. We are grateful we were able to work with them through this process” said Dr. Henning Bähren, Chairman and CEO of Punker.

The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern US, Inc. (GACC South) actively supported and oversaw the site selection process with the Punker executives.  The new U.S. branch will be home to the production of Punker’s fan and blower wheels, which are planned to be underway before Christmas of this year.

While working with Punker, the GACC South analyzed and compared individual site criteria. To give the company an idea of available properties, the GACC South consulting team also arranged the on-site visits. The visits were well planned and working with the county representatives contributed to the smoothness of the process.

Dr. Ullrich. Kämmerer, CPA firm Roedl Langford de Kock, LLP and Mr. Florian Stamm of law firm Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP guided negotiations with the counties, focusing on financial, fiscal and legal aspects.  The GACC South worked with the counties and Punker, as well, ensuring all pertinent documentation and forms were handled for the process.  

“It was a pleasure working with everyone,” said Mrs. Nina Böttner, Manager at the GACC South.  “We are so glad that everything has gone smoothly and that Punker will start production next month. We are always happy to help with Punker’s and Hickory’s success.”

“Negotiations have gone favorably for all parties.  We are pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to the continued success for both Hickory and Punker,” said Mr. Florian Stamm.

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