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SOS Children's Villages is the world's largest organization dedicated to orphaned and abandoned children. Our mission is to build families for children in need, help them shape their futures, and share in the development of their communities. We envision a world in which every child belongs to a family and grows up with love, respect, and security.

SOS Children’s Villages began working in Brazil in the late 1960s. Although Brazil has seen economic growth over recent years, large segments of the population still do not benefit from this increased economic progress. The socioeconomic situation of people in many cities and rural areas remains precarious. SOS currently operates 42 programs throughout Brazil including 23 SOS Villages where 773 children are being raised in a loving stable family. In addition, over 12,000 children and families are receiving holistic support services through our Family-Strengthening Programs which are aimed to build self-reliance within vulnerable families and communities.

Our work has been recognized both nationally and internationally. In 2009, SOS Children's Villages received the Save the World award. Additional honors include the Mother Teresa Gold Medal, the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, and the Vietnam Friendship Medal.

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SOS and the GACC South

SOS Children’s Villages is honored to once again be the charity partner for the German American Chamber of Commerce South’s annual Gala. All proceeds from the this year’s Gala will be used to support SOS Family-Strengthening Programs throughout Brazil. The Family-Strengthening Programs provide a wide range of integrated support services to prevent family breakdown and provide sustainable long-term solutions for families and the surrounding community.


Ana Celina first came to the SOS Children’s Villages’ Social Center in João Pessoa because she needed help with education costs for her daughter. She dreamed of her daughter, then 8, being able to receive quality education. Ana Celina at the time was unemployed and had no family support. Her only income was from informal work and some help from neighbors.

After evaluating Ana Celina’s situation, her and her daughter were admitted into the SOS Social Center’s Family-Streghtening Program. Ana Celina’s daughter was enrolled in school and additional food and nutritional supplements were provided for her daughter. During their evaluation process, SOS noticed that Ana Celina had a very low self esteem and did not feel as though she had the ability to provide for her daughter.

After a few educational workshops and therapy sessions with the SOS Social Workers, Ana Celina slowly began to gain confi denc e in herself. She started volunteering at the SOS Social Center helping to clean and prepare snacks for the children.

With the support of SOS, Ana Celina learned how to sew. She was able to save enough money to rent a small shop where she sells and alters clothes. She is expanding her business and now is able to take care of her daughter. Ana Celina is grateful for the opportunities SOS gave her and her daughter and looks forward to the day she will save enough money to buy her own home.

The Gala will help more women like Ana Celina to become economically independent and role models within their community.



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