German American Business Talk: How to Stop Excessive Talent Loss/Three Immediate Must Do's

16.11.2017 | 18:00
- 20:00
Charlotte, NC

German companies face excessive employee fluctuation in the USA; personnel fluctuation exceeds 40% with many white collar positions. The cost of replacing a skilled employee is 1.5 to 2 times his or her annual salary and this doesn't even include the loss of productivity and morale that always accompanies such a loss. - Talk with German-American Business Experts Daniel Christmann (J.D., Attorney at Law) and Daniel Donahey (Management Consultant).

In this entertaining and fast-moving talk, Daniel Donahey examines the cultural differences causing the excessive employee fluctuation rates faced by German companies in the U.S.A., outlines what American skilled employees need in order to feel satisfied with an employer and to stay there and makes three immediately implementable suggestions to affect a rapid  improvement in this most critical area.

Many German companies face a serious challenge to their preferred business model. They can usually find good people and they can train them up to a professional level, but they have trouble holding on to them. Employee fluctuation rates at too many German companies in the U.S.A. exceed 40% per year. The typical German business model is based on adding value by combining excellent people, with optimized processes and efficient tools. In terms of the people, German companies start with well-educated, reliable people, provide them with continuous development training and employ them for a long time. In the U.S.A., unfortunately, this doesn't work.


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Thursday, November 16, 2017


6:00pm - 8:00pm


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