19.04.2018 - Houston, TX

Visit to the Port of Houston

BVL Supply Chain Day at the largest container port in the US Gulf mehr

19.04.2018 - Atlanta, GA

How to Crack People’s BANKcode and Unlock the Secret to Why They Buy

This introduction to BANK and the methodology of its personality profiling system will show you how you can establish better business relationships,... mehr

19.04.2018 - Dallas, TX

Artificial Intelligence Presentation by Blu Age

AIdapt: Disrupt Or Be Disrupted, Presented by Stéphane Mallard, Digital Evangelist Blu Age Corporation

17.04.2018 - Augsburg, Germany

Interkulturelle Kommunikation mit US-amerikanischen Geschäftspartnern und Mitarbeitern

Die amerikanische Kultur ist uns scheinbar vertraut, Englisch können viele und doch ist in Sprache und Mentalität einiges anders. Das IHK Briefing...

11.04.2018 - Charlotte, NC

German American Business Dialogue with GOM Americas and UNC Charlotte

Join us for a tour through the technological facilities of GOM and UNCC! mehr

09.04.2018 - Birmingham, AL

Southern SME Forum

Join us for this business-specific event that offers a platform to exchange ideas while building relationships with new business partners.

06.04.2018 - Houston, TX

Breakfast Networking

Employee Investigations mehr

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