26.05.2011 - Atlanta, GA

Lean Bronze Certificate USA

Lean Certification Review Workshop Now Is The Time To Create A Solid Foundation

06.09.2016 - Charlotte, NC

"Quite good" vs. "Great job!" - Understanding Cultural Differences in German and US Business Practices

Do you work for a German-owned company in the US and want to understand your German or American colleagues and counterparts better? Are you... mehr

18.09.2016 - Atlanta, GA

Spanferkel Feast

Join us at the Medieval-Themed Spanferkel Feast for some delicious roasted pork meat! Come dressed as knights and princesses to compete in our... mehr

14.04.2011 - Atlanta, GA

Free Guitar Concert at the German Cultural Center

Nuremberg Guitarist Stefan Grasse in Concert

11.08.2012 - Atlanta, GA

Atlanta's 3rd Schlagerparty

Save the Date & Invite your Friends!

11.10.2016 - Mannheim, Deutschland

Beratertag über Lebensmittelkennzeichnung in den USA

Ein Seminar über aktuelle Lebensmitteltrends und Vetriebswege sowie über Einfuhr- und Sicherheitsbestimmungen. mehr

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