Delegation: Grid Modernization

05/06/2019 -05/09/2019
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Registration deadline: February 15, 2019

Flexibility Options in the Distribution Grid

The role of distribution grids is evolving. Regulators and distribution grid operators face an array of unprecedented responsibilities and opportunities, associated with the rapid increase of intermittent distributed energy sources, new digital technologies, and demand response.

The United States and Europe face many common questions on the road towards a smarter and more flexible distribution grid: How can we increase grid flexibility and resilience in the most economical way? What are the tradeoffs between digitalization and cybersecurity? How can the costs of grid modernization be allocated amongst stakeholders?

With the goal to better understand and navigate a new reality of grid operation needs, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) offers a transatlantic thought leader exchange. The trip is part of a broader scale effort to strengthen the energy cooperation between our countries, encourage the exchange of ideas, and build energy transition policy expertise.

This knowledge exchange aims to provide intelligent solutions for distribution grid architecture, rate design, the integration of distributed energy sources, electric vehicles, and demand flexibility. It offers the opportunity for multi-stakeholder executives to jointly explore avenues towards the grid of the future.

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Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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Renewables Academy