Should Everything Be Digital?

09/10/2020 @ 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm
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One thing is clear: we have an innate knack for judging our personal experiences. Without effort, we’re able to relate how an experience made us feel and the degree to which it was positive, negative, or neutral. This instinctual understanding, called valence, is theorized to be the critical mechanism that motivates our decisions and behaviors as we strive to survive.

We can lean on this psychology to evaluate the experiences we create for our customers and more thoroughly understand their reactions to them. In this webinar, we’ll showcase a simple worksheet to help you outline customer value, motivation, and effort. And, finally, with our new lens on experiences, we’ll connect the dots from our worksheet to digital or non-digital experience solutions.

Attendees will become familiar with:

  • What psychology tells us about how customers judge experiences
  • Types of consumer value perception
  • Leveraging the relationship between motivation and effort to design better experiences
  • Examples of experiences that are better served offline
  • A worksheet to organize customer value perception, motivation, and effort and connect the dots to the right kind of experiences
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