Crisis Leadership: Adaptive Lessons for Leaders

05/12/2020 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
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In order to prepare for the steps that we must take when faced with a crisis, we will discuss how leaders have responded to crises and analyze the outcomes they achieved. We will examine different strategies to propel your business and regain sight of your company purpose.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Innovating: Responding with the same approach will not get you the same results. And why do you want the same results, anyway? If you could start over, would you want the exact same company?
  • Finding Opportunities in a Crisis: Take part in a short exercise to help you identify new opportunities.
  • Developing a Plan: Hope alone is not a plan, and without a plan, there is no hope. Having a plan allows you to communicate clearly and consistently to others and ground your company’s focus.
  • Emerging with a Better Team: If people are your business’ greatest asset, changes to the business will bring change for the employees. We will discuss a process to make sure you keep worthy employees and hire better team members.

Meet our speaker:

Keith OkanoKeith Okano
CEO Coach and Advisor, Closing Strong, LLC

Keith Okano is the owner and President of Closing Strong, LLC, a provider of private CEO coaching and business mentoring services to small business and non-profit organizations. Keith uses an ethical and practical approach to find solutions for business and organizational difficulties. From turnarounds to developing a high-performing executive team, creating new products or world-class client engagement programs, moving customer satisfaction from pitiful to engaged, he has faced the same real-world challenges you have in front of you today.

Keith’s core expertise is jump-starting organizations in a crisis, who have lost their way, or lost sight of their purpose.

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