Mobile offshore room solutions for plug and play

Jul 2, 2019

ELA Container Offshore GmbH is going from strength to strength. Their mobile room solutions are versatile and easy to assemble and fix in situ. There are options to rent or buy. Hans Gatzemeier, the Managing Director, spoke with us at PES. The company are having a great year and have already met their 2019 target. They have many trusted partners and their reach is worldwide.

PES: Hi Hans, it’s great to have you back. The good news is that we have many new readers, so for their benefit, please could you give us a brief overview of ELA Containers?
Hans Gatzemeier: As you know we have been supplying mobile room solutions for 47 years now. We offer a huge variety of room sizes, which can be combined in many ways. When working with offshore supply vessels or platforms it´s really important to meet the high specifications and to use the limited available space effective.

PES: We know that the offshore wind power market is expanding – how do you manage to keep up with it?
HG: We constantly monitor the offshore wind market as it grows worldwide. Our focus isn’t just Europe. We are also interested in Taiwan, China, the USA and even Australia.

At local trade fairs and conferences, we are eager to get an idea of the current atmosphere and advances in the market. What is also important, of course, is how our clients position themselves. We keenly follow their developments and are always ready to assist them with mobile, temporary accommodation solutions.

As a result, our clients are interested in purchasing both new and used containers, as well as in renting containers.

They are particularly interested in the latter when it comes to temporary.

We regularly produce more to be able to meet the growing need. Once an opportunity arises, we ready to quickly implement new innovations.

Our used containers are also in high demand. These are attractive to customers because they are in excellent condition and come at a lower cost.

ELA Container Offshore GmbHPES: Your mobile rooms are available in various configurations. How do you determine exact client needs? Which information is necessary?
HG: This varies. For example, regular clients forward their requirements for containers directly to us. The purchase and/or rental prices, types and delivery times will have been dealt with previously in a framework agreement.

Those who are interested, yet not quite sure what they need, usually enquire via email or simply make a call. We are happy to provide comprehensive support and advice to determine optimal requirements.

Naturally, delivery time, location and whether the item is to be rented or sold also play an important role. Once we have gathered all the information, we draw up a 3D illustration and an make an informative offer as soon as possible after this.

Many enquiries also come to us via our contact form on our website: There you can see an extensive range of products, as well as lots of information and data sheets on our room solutions.

PES: What do you do if the client has specific requirements? For example, can you adapt your containers to different needs?
HG: This depends on whether the client wishes to rent or buy. For rentals, we provide containers from the rental park. These are ready assembled and furnished, and completely meet the requirements for temporary accommodation at sea.

Clients wishing to purchase usually have their own specifications. This often involves special measurements, specific configurations, certificates, company colours or use of logos.

Our production is based in Germany and this means we can respond to all client wishes and also make any necessary changes which arise during the manufacturing process.

PES: Do your offshore room solutions come with a standard layout, or can the client ask for changes?
HG: For rented containers, the layout is fixed. It is standardised and extremely functional. The advantage of this is that we can assemble all types of units easily, free of problems, and as quickly as possible. Above all, we strive to satisfy all our client requests as much as possible.

As already mentioned before, purchases are somewhat different. Here clients usually already have exact ideas of how the mobile room solutions should look. Alternatively, they seek advice from us.

In both cases, we recommend a so-called ‘kick-off meeting’. Here both parties can share their expertise and put the planning into concrete terms. This can take place in our headquarters, or at client’s premises, no matter where they are in the world.

PES: What sort of delivery times are to be expected after ordering?
HG: If in stock in our rental fleet, rented containers are immediately available. For purchased containers, the delivery time depends on the number of requested containers and the agreement with the client.

ELA Container Offshore GmbHPES: Who is responsible for transporting the containers?
HG: We can transport them ourselves or seek the support of shipping companies. Occasionally, shipments are combined.
For sea shipments, we use our own shipping agents. They know our products thoroughly and can provide the best possible transport prices for it.

PES: Would you say that your clients are predominantly based in Europe?
HG: Our clients are based in different parts of the world and accordingly operate globally – as we do.

PES: We wondering if clients are able to assemble and connect the containers themselves?
HG: ELA Offshore Containers are assembled to platforms or ships by using twist locks. This is very easy to do, just put the container in place, lock them, and the job is done.

The fresh water, waste water and electric connections can be done on site by specialist personnel. Thanks to our pre-installed ‘Plug & Play’ system, this also is easy. We are also happy to assist our customers through the entire installation.

PES: Is the after-sales service important to you as a company and what type of guarantee do you offer?
HG: As standard, the scope of our guarantee meets legal requirements. This can be extended by the client with maintenance agreements. Then we ensure permanent maintenance of all wear parts and replace them free of charge in the event of damage.

PES: How internationally oriented are you?
HG: The ELA group, as well as a number of European sites, has branches in Russia, the UAE and the USA. In addition to this, we have partners worldwide who follow our approach and with whom we cooperate.

PES: We are halfway through 2019. How has the year been for you?
HG: Very good – we have already achieved the goals we set the last year. At this point, we are thankful for the wide acceptance within the market, are looking forward to new challenges and are looking positively towards the future.

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