Recruitment Service

We provide professional personnel consulting for companies located in the U.S. in need of qualified, bilingual personnel.

Recruitment Service

The GACC South is the primary contact for professionals and executives with work experience in Germany and/or the United States. Companies requesting our services are either subsidiaries of German corporations or US corporations with business ties to Germany. Throughout the entire selection process we support you in identifying the most suitable professionals.

Strong knowledge of both American and German cultures makes us uniquely qualified to assess each applicant’s competency and compatibility. We help your company find exceptional and bilingual employees.

An extensive database of almost 700 members enables us to find the best candidates for your company.

Our services include:

  • Collaboration in creating an effective job description by performing a focused analysis of the work environment.
  • Pre-selection of candidates by reviewing application documents, conducting potential analyses, and interviews.
  • A compilation of detailed profiles on the candidates based on the pre-selection process.
  • Coordination of schedules/logistics for the second and personal job interviews.
  • Consultation services on issues involving salaries, commissions, bonus payments.

HR Services & Training

Cultural differences can quickly turn into unexpected hurdles for German companies wanting to operate on a global scale. Our HR services allow your U.S. and/or German employees the chance to learn about important intercultural differences. Through individual and personalized coaching sessions we provide productive acculturation across business meetings, presentations, and communication with clients and colleagues.

International assignments can present challenges not only for the expatriate, but also for families as well. This requires both careful preparation and a strong support structure in the new country. We offer a range of services including job search, university and education, volunteering, and relocation. The GACC South team provides over 60 years of experience in bringing the U.S. and Germany together.