Foreign Market Entry Program

Guided business trips to and from the US with industry, regional or topical focus.

Delegations to the U.S. are an important means for Germany to promote foreign trade and investment, acquire and industry knowledge, and facilitate bilateral business relationships. Often, state level representatives such as members of the Ministry of Economics, local Chambers of Industry and Commerce or German cities initiate these delegation trips.

With the support of high-ranking politicians, the purpose of these trips is to connect German companies with decision makers in politics and industry and enable them to meet new business partners. For many years, the GACCs have successfully organized and completed a number of delegation trips.


Sponsored Delegations

The main focus of the program revolves around global development and trends that are meant to increase overall business potential for small and medium-sized enterprises. Specifically, the program assists businesses in traditional industries such as the machinery manufacturing, plant engineering and construction, automotive and supplier, and the chemical and electronics industry. Through informational trips, the program helps to develop market entry strategies for interested businesses.

Within the initiative, the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern US focuses on business delegations in the United States, which include a one-day conference showcasing the expertise, innovations, and technologies from Germany. In addition, 1-on-1 meetings will be organized for the delegation participants in order to discuss synergies and potential partnerships with US companies. An analysis of the target market including essential information about market size, market developments, competitors, distribution and sales structures as well as product requirements specific to the US market will also be developed before the trip for the participants.