German Security-Tech Consortium

The German Security Tech Consortium is aimed at enhancing security measures for large-scale events, by bringing together leading experts from the security technology industry.

The consortium addresses challenges and explores innovative solutions for major events such as the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup championship, which takes place in The USA, Canada, and Mexico. Complex events emphasize the importance of safeguarding public safety and mitigating potential risks.

The need for specialized and diversified security technologies is urgent. The consortium's objective is to foster collaboration among various stakeholders, including technology providers, government agencies, event organizers, and venues. By leveraging cutting-edge tools, the consortium's aim is to establish robust frameworks capable of tackling various challenges effectively. German providers of highly developed security technology will take time as an opportunity to extend in corresponding sectors, visiting the most influential venues, partners, and providers in all three countries.

The events as part of the consortium's agenda provide a platform for knowledge sharing with experts, showcasing the latest advancements in security systems, risk management strategies, and crowd control techniques. Participants engage in meaningful dialogue about emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, biometrics, video analytics, and other aspects which play a vital role in bolstering security infrastructure.


Second program year: 2023 - 2024




Infos & Registration


May. 10th-15th 2024

Info Trip

Host: AHK USA-South, SBS Systems for Business Solutions GmbH

Munich, Stuggart, & Frankfurt

Info Trip to Germany 

Preliminary Program


October 14th - 18th 2024

Industry Showcase

Host: AHK USA-South, SBS Systems for Business Solutions GmbH
USA (South, Midwest)

Texas: Houston, Dallas,
Missouri: Kansas City

Past Events





October 27. 2022 Information Event: Mexico - Civil Security Technologies and Services Frankfurt am Main Result Report (in German)

March 2 2023 

Information Event: Security Technologies in USA & Canada (Northeast)

Host: AHK Canada, AHK USA - New York, SBS Systems for Business Solutions GmbH



June 12.-16. 2023

Trade Mission to The Target Market: USA and Canada (Northeast)

Host: AHK Canada, AHK USA - New York

New York, Philadelphia, Toronto

Result Report (in German)




Dec. 12 2023

10:00 AM ET

Steering Meeting

Host: AHK USA-South

Online Internal event for participants


Jan. 30 2024

11:00 AM ET

Information Webinar

Host: AHK Canada, AHK USA-West, SBS Systems for Business Solutions GmbH

Online Internal event for participants


March 4th - 8th 2024

Business Initiation Trip:

Host: AHK Canada, AHK USA-West

Canada, USA (West)

Canada: Vancouver

USA: San Francisco



Information Event (IE) = An IE is a one-day event in Germany (hybrid), where interested German companies learn more about the target market North America (political and economic framework conditions; local business potential) and are briefed on an upcoming business trip to the target market. Participation is free of charge and there is no obligation to attend the business trip.

Trade Mission (TM) = A TM or BI (business initiation) is a one-week trip to the target market North America for interested German companies from the security technologies sector. During the trip, property visits, individual one-on-one meetings (B2B) and a presentation event take place. The event serves to promote the expansion efforts of German SMEs as well as the presentation of German technologies abroad.

Stakeholder Visit to Germany (SV) = An SV is usually a one-week trip to Germany by foreign specialist partners and buyers.

Partner Companies