Willkommen bei GACC South Unplugged

Ein transatlantisches Gespräch mit unserem CEO Matthias Hoffmann über die GACC South dDutsch-Amerikanische Community und darüber hinaus.

In unserem GACC South Unplugged Podcast spricht unserPresident & CEO, Matthias Hoffmann, mit verschiedenen Akteuren aus Wirtschaft und Welt über aktuelle Themen. 


Ep.: 11 - Rouven Kasper, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer for VfB Stuttgart

March 27, 2024

This GACC South Unplugged episode features Matthias Hoffmann and VfB's Rouven Kasper discussing the club's strategy:

  • Visionary Leadership: The drive behind VfB's future and international outreach.
  • Focus on Texas: Insights into VfB's strategic engagement in Texas.
  • Global Role: VfB's impact on promoting Stuttgart globally, fostering cultural and business links.
  • Innovation Meets Tradition: How VfB merges new tech with heritage to evolve.

Explore VfB Stuttgart's innovative journey in football and community connection in this episode.

Ep.: 10 - Melanie Moltmann, Consul General with Consulate General of Germany

March 4, 2024

Curious about the impact of #GermanAmerican relations on our economy and culture? Tune into GACC South Unplugged for a chat with Matthias Hoffmann, and Melanie Moltmann, Germany's Consul General in Atlanta.

Explore: The German Consulate's dynamic role in Atlanta, the significant effects of German-American business partnerships, and Germany's leadership in climate action and feminist foreign policies

Discover the depth behind the German descriptor 'interesting' in our engaging discussion.

Ep.: 9 - Dr. Michael Jacquorie, Managing Director with Delta Air Lines and GACC Board Member

September 18, 2023

Delta Airlines, known for its extensive network with 900 peak-day flights globally, is not just Atlanta's primary carrier but also a top employer, celebrated for fostering an exceptional workplace through #DeltaCulture.

Michael Jacquorie, Delta's Managing Director and GACC South Board Member, shares, "If you treat your people well, they will treat your customers well," in our latest #GACCSouthUnplugged episode.

Join us for a deep dive with Michael Jacquorie and CEO Matthias Hoffmann, as we discuss Delta's culture, their partnership with Tom Brady, engagement with GACC South, and the latest on Delta's Skymiles program for 2024.

Ep.: 8 - Tobias Brugger with ZF Transmissions Gray Court

August 19, 2023

"Think Global, Produce Local" underpins ZF's commitment to shortening supply chains and cutting CO2 emissions for cleaner, safer mobility.

In the latest GACC South Unplugged, we chat with Tobias Brugger of ZF Group Gray Court, innovators in mobility technology for over a century, from gears for Zeppelins to systems for modern vehicles.

As the shift to electric vehicles gains momentum, ZF adapts with innovative solutions for a future without engines or transmissions.

Join us for an insightful discussion on achieving net zero, ZF's contributions in South Carolina, and navigating the Inflation Reduction Act, with guests Tobias Brugger, Matthias Hoffmann, and host Mike Sammond.

Ep.: 7 - Karsten Uhlmann with Gilde

April 22, 2023 

For this episode of GACC South Unplugged, we were joined by Karsten Uhlmann, CEO of Gilde Brewery, to dive into the world of beer and beyond, right from Charlotte, NC. Gilde brings a rich 475-year brewing tradition from Hannover, Germany, to Charlotte, celebrating German heritage.

But why focus on April 23rd? This date marks the proclamation of the “Reinheitsgebot” (German purity law) in 1516, a symbol of Germany's commitment to quality beer, limiting ingredients to barley, hops, and water.

Join us to discover why Gilde chose Charlotte, explore the concepts of “Gemütlichkeit” and Frühschoppen, and unpack the unique perspectives on #craftbeer in Germany versus the US.


Ep.: 6 - Inge Hofkens with Aurubis AG

April 22, 2023 

In our latest GACC South Unplugged Episode we welcomed Inge Hofkens, COO Multimetal Recycling at Aurubis.

Aurubis AG, Georgia’s largest-ever single German investment, is a leading global provider of non-ferrous metals and one of the largest copper recyclers worldwide, with sustainability being a fundamental part of their strategy.

Tune in to Episode #6 and find out why Aurubis decided to open their new site in Augusta, GA, how the company deals with their raw material sources and raises awareness in the communities with their #togetherwecare program.

Ep.: 5 - Daniel Zimmer with SAP Labs U.S.

February 10, 2023

"Great things can happen when you bring together the right people at the ideal time in an idea-sparking environment" says Daniel Zimmer, Sr Director and Head of Engagement at SAP Labs US, and guest in our latest episode of our GACC South Unplugged Podcast series.

Tune in to a compelling discussion about the Future of Work and Company Culture with Daniel Zimmer, Matthias Hoffmann and Roger Manis.

Ep.: 4 -  Dr. Volker Treier

January 17, 2023

Listen in on an insightful Episode with Dr Volker Treier, Chief Executive of Foreign Trade and Member of the Executive Board at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).


Ep.: 3 - Sonja Heinrich with I.K. Hofmann USA, Inc.

December 9, 2022

What are the challenges in today's economic climate? What are the current trends and strategies in organization staffing?

Tune in to our new episode of our GACC South Unplugged and learn from Sonja Heinrich, President of I.K. Hofmann USA, a global staffing agency, about the companies history, the changes in staffing & recruiting over the past years and what I.K. Hofmann is celebrating.

Ep.: 2 - Pat Wilson, Commissioner | Georgia Dept. of Economic Development

October 21, 2022

Did you know that Pat Wilson, Commissioner of Georgia Department of Economic Development lived and studied in Erlangen, Germany?

In our latest GACC South Unplugged Episode, we welcomed Pat Wilson at our office in Atlanta for this month’s ‘Transatlantic Talk’ with our President & CEO Matthias Hoffmann.

Tune in to Episode 2, for a casual conversation about college football, the high importance of German-American business relations, international trade, and the importance of apprenticeship programs for the future of workforce.

Ep.:1 - Lars Oltmanns with UP TO GOOD Energy Drink

Who exactly is GACC South and what do we actually do? What's the difference between a Pop and a Soda? And what does a Strandkorb have to do with our Annual Gala?

In our first GACC Unplugged Episode Matthias welcomes our long-time member and founder of Up to Good Energy, Lars Oltmann, and gives an oversight of GACC South, our mission, function and vision.

Find out what a "Strandkorb" is and how you may be able to take it home from our upcoming Annual Gala & Fundraiser