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Schnitzer Group

Situated in Charlotte, North Carolina, Schnitzer Group benefits from close proximity to key states within the automotive and non-automotive sectors of the United States.

Positioned strategically within the NAFTA region, our central location facilitates immediate access to our clients, including OEM’s and their respective suppliers.


What services do we offer?

  • SYSTEMIC Project Management
  • Tooling Management
  • Tool Tracking
  • Process Optimization
  • Task-Force Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Supply-Chain Management
  • Quality Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Value Stream Management
  • Ramp-up Management
  • And many more


+1 980-309-1349 | robert.faeller(at) | ralf.weimar(at)

Find more here:


Robert Fäller

Ralf Weimar |

Schnitzer Group |



META Storage Solutions

META Storage Solutions Inc. ist ein weltweit anerkannter Marktführer in der Entwicklung, Herstellung und Installation von hochwertigen Regalen und Regalanlagen, industriellen Arbeitsbühnen und Mezzanin-Förderstrukturen. Mit einer über hundertjährigen Geschichte hat sich META zu einem der führenden Stahlexperten in Deutschland entwickelt, der seine Kernkompetenz in der Metallverarbeitung nutzt. Unser Qualitätsanspruch zeigt sich in langlebigen und hochwertigen Produkten, die in Lagerräumen weltweit für Sicherheit und höchste Effizienz sorgen. META verfügt über kurze Lieferzeiten und reaktionsschnelle Ingenieur- und Kundendienstteams in den Vereinigten Staaten. Wir sind stolz auf unsere schlüsselfertigen Produkte und unseren kundenorientierten Ansatz, der zu einer soliden Erfolgsbilanz in Bezug auf Reaktionsfähigkeit, pünktliche Projektabwicklung und zufriedene Kunden geführt hat.

META hat sich auf die Bereitstellung von Lösungen für die Transport-, Logistik-, Lieferketten- und Lagerbranche spezialisiert. Unsere in den USA ansässigen Teams sind bereit, mit Ihnen bei Projekten jeder Größenordnung zusammenzuarbeiten und bieten umfassende Unterstützung vom Entwurf bis zur Implementierung. Wir garantieren Ihren Erfolg und Ihre Zufriedenheit mit unseren maßgeschneiderten META-Lösungen.

Wichtige Informationen:

Website: META Storage Solutions Inc.

Branche: Transport, Logistik, Lieferkette und Lagerung

Unternehmensgröße: 2-10 Mitarbeiter

Hauptsitz: Nord-Miami, FL

Gegründet: 2012

Spezialgebiete: Lagerregale, Palettenregale, Einzelhandelsregale, Lagerlösungen, Pick-Module, Bolzenlose Regale, Distributionszentren, Regalsysteme, Zwischengeschosse, Regalgestützte Zwischengeschosse, Regalgestützte Zwischengeschosse, Modulare Regale, Lager, Materialhandhabung, Logistik, Industrielle Regalsysteme, Hochregallager, Strukturelle Regale, Selektive Palettenregale, Arbeitsbühnen, Batterie-Lagerregale, Automotive, Einzelhandel, Lagerlösungen, Palettenfluss, Kartonfluss und Lagerautomation


Deepening relationships and pockets

Founded in 1937, Advancial helps millions of members across the country save and earn better every day. How do they do it? As a not-for-profit financial institution, Advancial gives backtheir earnings to its members in the form of low loan rates, competitive dividends, and low or no fees for financialservices.

Advancial makes banking and lending affordable, accessible and inclusive for over 119,000 consumers globally. Plus, over 600 companies and associations benefit from financial wellness and education programming at no cost. Advancial offers a host of unique and NO COST benefits making them a valuable resource for individuals who want toget the most out of their hard-earned dollars:

  • Perks like Credit Union membership, financial education, and discounts
  • Checking accounts and loans for foreign nationals withno social security or credit required
  • 12 months same as cash customer financing solutions for businesses

Advancial is growing

Financial outreach is an important mission at Advancial. Helping people financially thrive means offering affordable banking to new markets and providing more convenience to conduct banking on their own terms. New branches are opening across Texas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina with continued plans to expand. Advancial helps members outside of our branch markets through its online, mobile, other virtual banking services, 5,000 shared branches and unlimited ATMs nationwide.

Did you know?

  • Advancial is a benefit offered to all GACC South members and their families and friends! Learn more or become an Advancial member at
  • For those new to the U.S. or employers with employees relocating to the U.S., visit to learn more about the Inbound USA program.
  • For those seeking to add value to your employee benefit package, visit to learn more about the Advancial@Work program.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Lufthansa Industry Solutions - Your Partner for Digital Transformation

"Cross-industry experience" Their customers come from a wide range of different areas. These include air travel, logistics and transport. They come from the manufacturing and automotive industries, and are active in publishing and tourism, or in the energy and health care sectors. But no matter their industry, they all face the same, huge challenge of our time: They have to structure their IT all along the value chain in such a way that it reduces costs and simultaneously increases revenues and efficiency in the long run. In short: It is about companies’ future viability.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions helps companies to digitize and automate their business processes – from medium-sized to DAX-listed companies. In doing so, we do not just focus on the IT needed, but on our customer’s business as a whole, including its internal and external challenges. This is because digital transformation affects a company’s entire structure and culture, and reaches beyond company borders to collaboration with partners, customers and suppliers.

Our project experience and industry expertise

They have been working with many of our customers for numerous years. They combine the project experience and industry expertise they have gained with they comprehensive services and technology portfolio. This is why they work together in interdisciplinary teams. Whether you need a cloud, SaaS or data analytics – as an IT consultancy and systems integrator, Lufthansa Industry Solutions covers the entire spectrum of IT services. They always make the highest demands on security and quality – especially because our roots are in aviation, a highly digitized, security-sensitive industry.


INFORM develops software for the optimization of business processes using Digital Decision Making based on Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. The company supplements classic IT systems to help increase the profitability and resilience of many companies worldwide. While data management software only provides information, INFORM systems can analyze large amounts of data in a matter of seconds, calculate numerous decision variants and suggest the best possible solution to the user for implementation. Today, more than 1,000 software engineers, data analysts and consultants support more than 2,000 customers worldwide in manufacturing, supply chain, airports, ports, logistics, banks, telecommunication, and insurance companies. INFORM’s solutions cover a broad range of verticals from sales and demand planning, production planning and workforce management, to logistics and transport, inventory and supply chain, data strategy and reporting, as well as fraud prevention in insurance, telecommunication, banking payment transactions and sanctions screening.

At INFORM, we focus on helping companies optimize their daily business processes in areas including facilities, resource management, workforce management, fraud prevention, production planning, logistics and transport, and supply chain management.  While we have competitors in certain vertical markets, none have the breadth of experience or diversity across the number of different verticals that INFORM does. INFORM has a more academic approach with 55 years of experience and in-house development of advanced technologies leveraging Hybrid AI and Operations Research at our headquarters in Aachen, Germany, which includes a strong sustainability focus in the areas of the environment, our customers, our employees and overall financial viability.

INFORM was founded out of the University of Aachen in 1969 with a focus on  Operations Research, which evolved into other advanced technologies. INFORM has over 1,000 employees worldwide and a team of more than 20 at INFORM North America in Atlanta, GA. Our goal is to bring even more of our optimization solutions to vertical markets across North America, while expanding our footprint and brand visibility, and continuing to foster strong relations within the German-American business community.


ZF is a global technology company supplying systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and industrial technology, enabling the next generation of mobility. ZF allows vehicles to see, think, and act. In the four technology domains of Vehicle Motion Control, Integrated Safety, Automated Driving, and Electric Mobility, ZF offers comprehensive product and software solutions for established vehicle manufacturers and newly emerging transport and mobility service providers. ZF electrifies a wide range of vehicle types. With its products, the company contributes to reducing emissions, protecting the climate, and enhancing safe mobility.

Tobias Brugger, Vice President and Plant Manager of ZF Gray Court was recently featured on the GACC South Unplugged Podcast. During the episode, Tobias sheds light on his experiences and achievements at ZF, offering insights into how ZF Gray Court is actively transforming the way we move and making significant investments in the state of South Carolina. Listen now

Through their relentless dedication to technological excellence and strategic investments, ZF continues to be a driving force in shaping a greener, safer, and more efficient future for transportation.

Learn more about ZF



The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the world's leading organization for application-oriented research with a focus on cutting-edge technology for businesses and industry. Founded in 1949 and headquartered in Munich, the organization currently operates 76 institutes and research facilities in Germany and has approximately 30,000 employees worldwide.

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has an annual contract volume of approximately $1.3 bn, with more than 3,000 key tenders. To cover this volume, internationally oriented purchasing plays a significant role.

For this reason, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has created a bilingual procurement platform,, where you can register free of charge.

A free Tender Alert will keep you informed about all relevant future tenders for your commodities via push mail.

Generate significant sales for your company in major high-tech markets.

For more information, read a longer article on the topic here or go directly to and become a supplier of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft!

Wild Mustang Ranch

Welcome to Wild Mustang Ranch (WMR), an idyllic oasis in Lyons, Georgia(USA) owned by Wild Mustang USA, LP. Our ranch offers exceptional Equine-Assisted Coaching and Leadership Training while also serving as a sanctuary and rehabilitation center for Wild Mustangs and Burros. Our passionate and dedicated team provide a safe and nurturing environment for these rescued animals to thrive. We use natural, compassionate methods to tame and train these majestic creatures, ensuring they find loving forever-homes either in the USA or abroad.

We are witnesses of the transformative power of horses to elevate human potential and empower leaders: when we help horses thrive, they help us thrive. Led by professional coaches and equine specialists, our experiential learning programs unlock the key to effective leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence, fostering self-awareness, empathy, and resilience - essential qualities for success in today's dynamic business landscape.

At Wild Mustang Ranch, working with horses offers unique opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth due to their perceptive nature. Horses mirror human emotions and behaviors, providing immediate and honest feedback. This somatic, experiential approach engages both our cognitive and emotional aspects, leading to deeper insights and sustainable behavioral changes. Our Equine-Assisted Coaching and Leadership Training caters to individuals and groups, focusing on self-growth, authentic leadership, team development, and performance coaching.

By experiencing the profound connection with nature and the powerful bond between humans and our remarkable Wild Mustangs, you support the well-being of these animals which embody the pioneer spirit of the West. In 1971, The United States Senate and House Of Representatives while gathered in Congress enacted a law to protect the Wild Mustang and Burro population in this country by declaring that “...wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer Spirit of the West, which continue to contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people“.{Public Law 92-195} It is our proud purpose to share with others the remarkable, beautiful and mighty traits of the American Mustang- an iconic figure of our shared past and future.

Discover what is most essential in yourself and unleash your innermost power by visiting the WMR website to explore our full range of services. We also offer monthly and annual membership options, sponsorships, and donations as additional ways to support the Wild Mustangs and Burros' well-being and continued care. Join us at Wild Mustang Ranch, where leadership thrives and the spirit of the West lives on.

Learn More at


Your partner for B2B market analyses & custom-made corporate strategies.

It takes a deep dive into your industry to gain the insights necessary to be able to develop a successful and sustainable strategy. Build the crucial foundation for your company's future with tailored B2B market analyses and industrial market insights.

At DTO, our core competencies include the analysis of competitors, market potential, customers/suppliers, and trends in over 100 countries worldwide. After successful market analysis, we work in cooperation with you to develop optimal market-specific strategies for business improvements in existing markets as well as strategies to penetrate and cover new market potentials.

Our industry coverage includes the areas of manufacturing, construction machinery and commercial vehicles, mechanical engineering, chemicals, medical devices, cleaning machines and cleaning products, as well as logistics and transport.

For more information visit, or reach out to us at


Offering a full range of specialized logistics services to the chemical and petrochemical industries in the U.S.

TALKE, a family-owned corporation founded in 1947, is a German-headquartered asset-based logistics service provider with more than 4,500 employees and multiple specialized facilities worldwide, focusing on the chemical & petrochemical sector. Services include the transport, storage, and handling of all substances used in the mentioned sector, additionally providing the analysis and optimization of logistical structures, processes and installations, and the planning and construction of logistics facilities with qualified staff, complying with the highest safety, environmental, design and construction standards.

Part of the TALKE portfolio is in-plant (on-site) logistics operations, connected to the plant and receiving directly from production, and managing the complete logistics and material handling at the end of the production process. Using its extensive network and customer base, TALKE has established operations in crucial manufacturing regions, including the USA.

TALKE’S ESG program is called “Crafting Responsible Logistics”, attaching great importance to the highest occupational and product safety standards, quality, and environmental management standards across all locations and by every employee. The company focuses on customer centricity, innovating, adapting, and implementing new technologies and change to be the first-choice provider for venture-based start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.


Your Partner for Innovative Solutions

The abat Group, founded in 1998, is an IT service provider that specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) utilizing the SAP software platform. We are an SAP Gold Partner offering complete solutions for the process optimization challenges of your business.

abat North America, founded in 2004, offers a complete range of SAP support services as well as other innovative IT solutions for clients in the automotive and logistics industries throughout North America.
Our specialized team is trained to provide innovative solutions in technologies such as Robotics Process Automation (RPA), cloud computing as an AWS Select Partner, AI, VR, or AR. Additionally, our SAP application management services are available to monitor and support your applications 24/7 from our installations in Mexico, with specialists ready to help in English, Spanish, or German.

We want our customers to be digital champions and to set standards for their industries. It is not a coincidence that our clients come from the premium sector: Audi, BMW, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, DHL, nobilia and many others. They all benefit from the fact that we are represented at seven locations throughout Germany and four worldwide.
We see ourselves more as a partner to our customers than as a supplier and we strive to complete all projects on time and on budget. We recognize that in order to achieve this, transparency is of the highest priority.

To verify our quality and information security management systems, abat constantly renews the ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications as well as the TISAX® label for information security.

Our core values are Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Respect, and Teamwork

 For more, visit 

CRO Management Consulting LLC


CRO addresses their client’s pain points, think strategy, and build value by clarifying their client’s situation, identifying critical next steps to take and by assembling the needed (expert) team.

For them Challenges Reveal Opportunities!

CRO is an Atlanta-based advisory firm, industry agnostic, which thoughtfully and successfully guides their clients to address their pain points by navigating them through operational and leadership challenges, or transitions, growth initiatives, acquisitions, integrations, re-organizations, and transformations. They collaborate to build sustainable and scalable organizations, and allow business owners and leaders to grow the value of their business while experiencing a better work-life balance.

Christina Rebel-Otterbach, President, and Founder, has a certification and experience as an exit planner and value builder allow her to effectively advise her clients on the areas of their businesses which impacts their profitability and value the most.

Engagements with CRO Management Consulting LLC can come in the form of consulting projects, coaching programs, and advising engagements; engagements can start with a day and last years.They also offers their services on an interim fulltime and fractional part-time basis for those companies which need interim leadership or lack the ability to engage a fulltime C-level resource.

CRO collaborates closely with Certified Public Accounting firms, Financial Advisors, Attorneys, Merger & Acquisition experts, Bankers, and various Subject Matter Experts to ensure our clients are taken care off from each aspect of their business.

Industries their clients belong to include automotive, bio-chemical, CPG , hospitality, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, professional services; our clients are often headquartered in German-speaking European countries, or come with international roots.

About Christina Rebel-Otterbach

Christina Rebel-Otterbach, President & Founder, has 30+ years’ experience as a CFO, Managing Director and in other leadership positions of internationally, globally operating, fast growing and rapidly changing organizations in Europe and the US. She grew up in Germany, lived and worked in Europe and the US. She and her husband Michael emigrated to the West Coast in 1998 and lived there for over a decade before they and their daughter Ellen relocated to the Greater Atlanta Area in 2013.

Since located in Atlanta, she is very involved in the German American Business, Cultural and Language community. She is a member of GACC South, served on the board of the German American Cultural Foundation and currently serves on the board of the Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, for the past years as the vice chair, since mid-November 2022 as the chairwoman.

Mentoring people often junior to her are an important aspect of her Giving Back-Strategy, particularly younger women, often overcoming challenging circumstances or originating from less privileged communities.

One of her mottos in life is: Love what you do!


Passionate for what’s next

Aprio is a premier, full-service business advisory and certified public accounting firm that advises clients and associates on how to achieve what’s next. Aprio’s associates work as integrated teams across advisory, assurance, tax, outsourcing, talent solutions and private client services, bringing the best thinking and personal commitment to each client. Across practices, Aprio brings together proven expertise, deep understanding and strategic foresight for industries including Manufacturing and Distribution; Non-Profit and Education; Professional Services; Real Estate and Construction; Retail, Franchise and Hospitality; and Technology and Blockchain. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Aprio has grown to over 900 team members. To serve clients wherever life or business may take them, Aprio’s teams speak more than 35 languages and work with clients in over 50 countries. For more, visit


Schnellecke Logistics

Schnellecke Logistics USA is a logistics provider which specializes in supply logistics, packaging logistics, sequencing, and transport services among many other services.

They offer the best logistics solutions enabling customers to realize incredible products.
They optimize complex supply chains, creating value for their customers.

Their mission is to help customers achieve their targets and be successful. This is the reason for their existence on the market. Up to now, they have done this first and foremost by optimizing complex supply chains and thus creating value for customers. In the future, these will be services that go beyond that.

They are committed to innovative digital logistics solutions for their customers.
They are pioneers in opening new digital business opportutunities. 

They redefine logistics and make it happen says that they constantly renew and improve their logistics solutions in order to keep their Value Proposition. Their vision is to redefine logistics. This is a high standard that they will intensively work to achieve. In addition, they will become a leader in the development of new digital business fields.

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP

Since Smith, Gambrell & Russell began practicing law in 1893, they have pursued a vision of building one of the country’s premier full-service business firms. With over 125 years of experience practicing law across the globe, they have developed a practice designed to get your business done quickly and efficiently while assigning the right talent to give you the help you need.

Their German Practice includes German-speaking attorneys with legal knowledge of the culture in the United States and Germany. They have many years of experience in advising, in particular, medium-sized clients from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on their business activities in the United States. They offer their clients consulting services at the highest level with our distinctive middle-market orientation, corporate culture, and favorable cost structure. In many cases, they act as an external legal department for their clients’ U.S. subsidiaries, covering the full range of commercial law.


SW North America

SW North America, Inc., located in New Hudson, Michigan, is a supplier of turnkey manufacturing solutions, including multi-spindle horizontal CNC machining centers with advanced automation concepts. SW’s multi-spindle machining centers enable highly efficient and precise production of components across many industries. As a systems partner, SW also designs and commissions complete manufacturing systems for their customers with automation perfectly tailored to their workpieces – all from a single source.

One of SW’s newest innovations is the BA space3, built with the EV market in mind. With an impressive working range of 3,000 x 1,800 x 875 mm on the X-, Y- and Z-axes, it can easily accommodate large, light metal structural components.

SW North America is a subsidiary of Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH. The company’s name stems from the southwestern region of Swabia in Germany, where the SW headquarters are located. The company designs and manufactures machine tools, which are called “Werkzeugmaschinen” in German.

SW currently has over 1000 employees worldwide and generated sales of about €400 million in 2018. In addition to SW Automation in Tettnang, Germany, SW also has subsidiaries in the United States, China, and Mexico, as well as in France, Italy and Poland.


PwC is a passionate community of solvers coming together in unexpected ways.

PwC's purpose—to build trust in society and solve important problems—is at the core of everything they do. It guides how they serve their clients, people, and the world. To help clients build trust and deliver sustained outcomes, PwC provides professional services across two segments: Trust Solutions (including audit and tax) and Consulting Solutions. Within these segments they bring a range of capabilities to help organizations solve faster, solve more and realize more value. These capabilities include cloud and digital, deals, ESG, cybersecurity and privacy, governance/boards, risk, transformation, tax services and much more. Across their global network of more than 284,000 people in 155 countries, they are committed to advancing quality in everything they do.  

More information:

Müller Corporation

Müller emphasizes European standards and quality and believe that investment in people and culture leads to outstanding results. 

Müller stands apart from the competition by employing full time craftsmen, ensuring standards are consistent, predictable, and exceptional.

Haltermann Carless

Haltermann Carless is a specialty chemical company founded on tradition, value, and experience dating all the way back to 1859. Today, the company is a key brand of HCS Group and a leading global supplier of high-value hydrocarbon-based specialty products and solvents. Customers from the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as from industrial and construction markets value our market leading products, outstanding expertise and comprehensive technical application services. With access to a variety of advanced bio-based feedstocks, we are in the position to manufacture renewable drop-in fuels and specialty chemicals.  

More information:

Iowa Economic Development Authority

The Iowa Economic Development Authority's (IEDA) mission is to strengthen economic and community vitality by building partnerships and leveraging resources to make Iowa the choice for people and business. Through two main divisions – business development and community development – IEDA administers several state and federal programs to meet its goals of assisting individuals, communities and businesses.

The State of Iowa’s Europe Office in Frankfurt, Germany, is the European representation of the US State of Iowa. IEDA's mission is to promote industrial development and enterprise expansion within Iowa. They provide confidential site location assistance and provide information about Iowa’s business climate, support programs, available buildings, sites and more. In addition, they promote the export of Iowa products to Europe and assist Iowa (based) companies in finding partners or distributors. Iowa offers a tremendous set of advantages and attributes that can help businesses of all sizes grow and succeed, especially in advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, and financial solutions markets. Located in the middle of the Heartland, Iowa is in the center of the North American marketplace. Its convenient geographic location and abundance of transportation options make it a quick and easy place to distribute product and access manufacturing resources. Investments in basic infrastructure components, such as railroads, highways and river ports – as well as communication infrastructure such as broadband and wireless – keep Iowa businesses connected within a global playing field.

Did you know: Iowa ranks no. 1 among the US states, regarding the share of all electricity produced in Iowa that comes from wind, solar, and energy storage power plants – i.e., 58% [source:].

Context Design Group


Context Design Group provides architecture, planning and consulting services to clients across the Southern U.S. Their approach consists of “process-focused” design and planning. In other words, they develop targeted solutions to fit each client’s unique business environment.

McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture


A planning and architectural firm based in the Southeastern U.S. they employ German-speaking design professionals who have a keen appreciation for the cultural and professional challenges of international entities doing business in the United States.



Stefan Dräger of Dräger discusses the challenges of keeping up with the accelerated demand due to the corona crisis.

Squire Patton Boggs


GACC South member company, Squire Patton Boggs, is a full-service global law firm with a multidisciplinary team of over 1,500 lawyers in 45 offices across 20 countries. They have compiled a page of timely COVID-19 resources with legal insights.

Deutsche Leasing USA


Deutsche Leasing USA is the leading solutions-oriented asset finance partner for German medium-sized companies with a wide range of highly flexible and tailor-made investment-related finance solutions to offer.

Tennessee Language Center


Headquartered in Nashville, the Tennessee Language Center is a dedicated to responsive service of the public sector, the business community, and private citizens in realizing their intercultural communication goals.

Kuehne + Nagel



Since its beginnings in Bremen, Germany in 1890, Kuehne + Nagel has grown to become one of the most recognized logistics companies worldwide.

tesa tape




You may recognize tesa tape from your home and office, but we invite you to learn more about what other technology they have to offer.

Blickle USA




This week we are excited to introduce you to Blickle U.S.A. This German manufacturer of wheels and casters was established in 1953 and has been a family run business for three generations.

Ritter Sport




Bite into insights on Ritter Sport, with their family-owned company and scrumptious chocolate.