The Essen Delegation's Insightful Journey to Houston, Texas

From March 17-21, 2024, a delegation led by Lord Mayor of the City of Essen, Germany, Thomas Kufen, embarked on a pivotal visit to Houston, Texas, delving into the future of energy and forging transatlantic ties. 

Day 1: Laying the Groundwork 

The delegation's journey began at Jackson Walker, where they received a comprehensive overview of the US market and Texas's energy sector. Discussions, led by experts from AHK, Jackson Walker, and the City of Essen, covered legal and regulatory frameworks for German companies in the US, with a focus on energy and hydrogen initiatives. The afternoon visits to MAN ES / H-Tec and the Texas Green Fuels Technip Office offered firsthand insights into hydrogen production and ammonia export facilities, marking a strong start to the delegation's mission. 

Day 2: Hydrogen Round Table & Collaboration 

A dynamic Hydrogen Round Table at The Cannon Downtown facilitated discussions between key players from the world's leading hydrogen clusters in Houston and Europe's Essen. The exchange of ideas on collaboration opportunities featured influential speakers such as Katherina Reiche, CEO of  Westenergie,  

Brett Perlman, CEO at the Center for Houston’s Future, Uwe Kerkmann, Managing Director at H2UB, and representatives from major energy corporations. The visit to Thyssenkrupp Nucera highlighted its significant advancements in electrolysis technology, further underscored by a $50 million grant from the US Department of Energy to spearhead innovations in electrolyzer cell mass production for the US market. 

Networking and Cultural Exchange 

An exclusive networking evening hosted by Chef Soren Pedersen provided a unique opportunity for local stakeholders, Essen's corporate leaders, and the delegation to connect. Under the theme "Houston - Energy Capital of the World meets Essen - Energy Capital of Europe," the event, introduced by Matthias Hoffmann of GACC South, celebrated the synergy between the two cities and explored future partnerships, encapsulating the essence of the delegation's visit. Among the participants were Kai Hennig CG, Markus Krebber (CEO RWE), Miguel Ángel López Borrego (CEO thyssenkrupp) and members of our GACC South 

The Essen delegation's trip to Houston not only highlighted the critical role of hydrogen in the transition to sustainable energy but also cemented the foundation for ongoing collaboration between two of the world's energy capitals. This journey has set the stage for groundbreaking advancements and shared prosperity in the energy sector, heralding a new era of transatlantic partnership. 

Thank you to all participants 

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